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Exclusive Heli Boat Program

For the experts and lovers of Heli Ski we offer a unique program thanks to the cooperation of three companies: Andes Heli Boarding, Nomads of the Seas and Russian Heli Project.

Definitely an incomparable adventure!

Our clients can live the unique experience of taking off in a Bell 407 helicopter from the “Atmosphere” yacht and being transferred to virgin places in the Andes Mountains  and in the coastal mountains of the Patagonia. Having the privilege of skiing in remote places. Places where no one has skied before.

The “Atmosphere” yacht is super modern and is fully equipped with boats, zodiacs, sauna, jacuzzi and even 2 helicopters.

Our pilots are among the few people who have explored these mountains and have experienced the peculiarities of snow and hillsides in those territories: Maxim Balakhovskiy and Beb Echene. They were pioneers in this region in 2007, so they now know the slopes perfectly: They will take you skiing to volcanoes and mountains with virgin snow, overlooking the sea and with panoramic views of glaciers and fjords.

Definitely a dream for all adventure lovers!

Few places in the world offer such a spectacular combination: perfect and virgin snow, stunning landscapes and the comfort of a modern yacht. All together in one adventure.

Only the “Atmosphere” yacht can take you to the most unexplored and southernmost mountains on the planet.

We will help you to discover the southernmost corner of the world, the Patagonia!

Don’t wait anymore! Contact us for more information and to start planning your next adventure in the south of the world!